Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I expect?

You can expect to have the time of your life! You do not need to bring anything! Your art supplies will be set up and ready for you when you arrive. You'll even have aprons to wear! It's open seating so get there early to grab you favorite spot. Our events are at different venues around town or at our studio, so read the details on your order page for specific info on the event, location, time, date and etc. Some parties are BYOB, while others events you may need to pay for food and drinks at the bar. You will be guided by a talented artist who will make your night fun and entertaining. Events last from 2.5-3 hours. At our studio byob and food are welcome!

2. Cancellation

If this is a private event or fundraiser the host's deposit will be non-refundable and the host will refund the guest's money, if applicable. If this is a public event and we cancel it for whatever reason, guests will be notified via email no less than 24 hours in advance and will have choice of a refund or gift voucher. Creative Clinic Center reserves the right to cancel and event where we feel it is unclean, unsafe or inappropriate for guests. 

3. Do I need to have painting experience?

No Experience Necessary!!! 98% of our guests have absolutely no artistic background. A talented and experienced artist will walk you through a handful of simple steps and meanwhile you can enjoy painting and chatting with your friends. There is absolutely no pressure and we aim to make your experience so fun you can't wait to come back!

4. How can I promote my private or fundraiser event?

Private and fundraiser events are the host's responsibility to promote and collect ticket sales. If a large party is expected we may ask for installments of the tickets sales, this allows us to pre-pay for supplies needed for party. For optimal success we recommend giving yourself 3-4 weeks to get the word out. You will decide on a painting that we recommend or you can tell us a theme you like. We will email you a link to your order page. We encourage you to share this link via email, Facebook, and any other social media channels. If you like we can email you a flyer of your event (for free!) that you can print out or distribute however you wish. We also can promote your event on "our" Facebook and Twitter page too, this is complimentary as well.

5. How do I sign up and pay?

We require all guests to pay for their tickets online for public parties. We accept all major credit cards.  Just click on the class of your choice and ADD TO CART the number of tickets you would like and follow the checkout procedure. You will be processed through PayPal but do not worry, you DO NOT need a PayPal account to complete the payment process. If you can not pay online please call Gina Perry at 614.256.7777. 

6. How much does it cost?

///////  Public Events

  1. $35/per person (prices may vary) 
    Tickets MUST be purchased online on our website calendar of events. No walk-ins. 

///////  Private Events

  1. 15 person minimum @ $35 per person (host is to promote and collect ticket sales)
  2. $262.50 non-refundable deposit from host to secure the date and balance due at day of event.
  3. You may choose your own venue/private location (home) or you may hold event at our art studio in Grove City (holds up to 40 people).
  4. If you choose your own venue/private location you must provide and set up table/chairs PRIOR to us arriving (we require 1 hour to set up). We also need access to water and a trash can. We clean up everything before we leave! We kindly ask that you provide a clean and safe environment for us and your guests.

///////  Fundraiser Events

    1. 15 person minimum @ $35 per person (host is to promote and collect ticket sales)
    Same rules as a private event except you have the opportunity to raise money!
    Your method of raising money is up to you! For instance you can collect donations at the door OR you can up-sell your ticket sales cost over the $35/per person fee. For example if you charge $45/per person, you get to keep $10/per person for your fundraiser:)!

7. Is there an age restriction?

For our adult events at our studio we ask that you are 18 or older. These event are designed for adults to have a night out so we want to respect these precious few hours of freedom! Occasionally we travel to other venues and they may have their own age restrictions. Please check with us or the venue if you are unsure. If there is an event you feel your tween or teenager would like to attend and they have a strong desire please give us a call to discuss. Our youth events we recommend 6 years and up, however, younger children are welcome as long as they have a parent with them at all times.

8. Private Parties and Fundraisers

You have the option to host your event at your own venue OR at our studio in Grove City as well. At our studio we would handle all of the tables, chairs and set up. We can hold up to 40 people. You can bring byob, drinks and food. All  events are NON SMOKING.

Adult events we need a minimum of 15 people at $35 per person.
Youth events we need a minimum of 12 people at $30 per person.

Let us know what date you had in mind and we will check our calendar! Once date is approved we will ask  for a down payment to secure date. 

For adult events we require half down and half due at night of event. So it’s $262.50 down and $262.50 night of event. This covers 15 people at $35 per person, if more attend then we just need $35 per extra person night of event. These fees are non-refundable.

For youth events we require half down and half due at night of event. So it’s $180.00 down and $180.00 night of event. This covers 12 people at $30 per person, if more attend then we just need $30 per extra person night of event. These fees are non-refundable.

We will need an exact head count the day before event to calculate total bill. 

You can easily pay the down payment and final balance with a credit card, cash or check. 

Down payments are non-refundable. 

Some fees may apply over a 20 min. travel time ($50 travel fee). Some locations may be out of our range.

Adult events last 2.5 - 3hr.  Youth events last 1.5hr - 2hrs

Absolutely! You can upsell our tickets of $35/per person to whatever you wish. For example, if you sell tickets at $45/per person, you profit $10 per person.

We do not supply food/drinks however the host may handle this anyway they wish. If you are at our studio, byob and food are welcome!

We supply the art instruction, all art supplies, aprons and table cloths. 

If event is at your location we  just need all tables and chairs set up, large trash can, a couple long tables for us to put our supplies on and access to water. We arrive 1 hour early to set up, so all tables and chairs MUST BE set up BEFORE our arrival.

You can give us a theme suggestion and create a custom painting or we can just email you painting suggestions .

Creative Clinic Center
Gina Perry (owner)
614-256-7777 or

9. Refunds

We can refund tickets up to 24 hours in advance of event. If we cancel a public event, you will be notified via email at least 24 hours before event and may choose to get a refund OR a gift voucher. If a private event or fundraiser has been canceled by the host, then the host returns the ticket money to their guests, as they are responsible for collecting ticket money. The host's deposit is non-refundable.